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Attorney Profile

Thomas R. Mott was born in DeLand, Florida, December 18, 1949. His grandfather, Rafael Sanchez Mott, was a graduate of Stetson Law School, and was an attorney in DeLand, Florida, in the 1920′s through the 1940′s. R.S. Mott was the Volusia County Prosecutor and also was a U.S. naval officer with Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, in the Spanish American War. Mr. Mott’s great grandfather, Marshall L. Mott, was an officer in the United States Army, during the Civil War. He was an attorney, in the post-civil war era and served as legal counsel to the American Indian Tribes, including chief counsel to the Creek Nation, under the U. S. Grant Presidency.


In 1966, at the age of seventeen and shortly after graduating from High School, Mr. Mott volunteered for the United States Armed Forces. Mr. Mott served as a military police K-9 handler. On his nineteenth birthday Mr. Mott crossed the International Date Line, in a military transport plane, on his way to Viet Nam. He served one year in Viet Nam. Mr. Mott achieved maximum rank, staff sergeant, in minimum time. While not seeing constant action, he saw enough to learn first-hand about the high price of American Liberty, which is nothing less than the blood of young Americans.After being honorably discharged from the armed forces, Mr. Mott attended college at the University Of California at Los Angeles. He received a B.A. degree from UCLA, in 1977. Mr. Mott began his legal studies in the Fall of 1977, at Florida State University, College of Law, in Tallahassee, Florida. He received his Juris Doctor Degree from Florida State University, in 1980. Mr. Mott was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1980.In September of 1980, he attended the CRIMINAL TRIAL ADVOCACY INSTITUTE, at the University of Florida, sponsored by the Criminal Law Section of the Florida Bar Association and the Holland Law Center. This was a week of intense training in criminal trial skills.In June of 1982, Mr. Mott attended a two week Trial Practice Institute, at the University of Houston, sponsored by the National College for Criminal Defense. This institute involved extensive and intensive training in criminal jury trials.


Mr. Mott has been a practicing criminal defense lawyer, for over twenty seven years. During his years of practice, he has represented clients in criminal cases, before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Federal District Courts, the Florida Supreme Court, Florida District Courts of Appeal, Florida Circuit Courts, and Florida County Courts. His practice includes defending misdemeanors, such as DUI and felonies such as drug trafficking and murder, including dozens of death penalty cases. Mr. Mott has dedicated his entire legal career to defending The Bill Of Rights and the principles of individual freedom and liberty, for which so many young Americans have died.