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Additional Information


Drug Cases

In a tourist area such as ours, many drug arrests result from a vehicle search. Many issues arise such as:

  1. Was the stop lawful?
  2. Was a knowing and voluntary consent to search given or did the person just acquiesce to authority?
  3. Did the person have the authority to consent to the search?
  4. Did the person arrested know or should have known of the presence of the unlawful substance?
  5. Did that person have control over the substance or were the drugs found on or in near proximity of the person?
  6. Was search lawful based on a search warrant and affidavit regarding a vehicle, person, house, motel room, or garage?


Violation of Probation
A Violation of Probation can occur from commission of a new crime or by simply failing to pay court fines because you are unemployed. Many violations occur when the person fails to pass a drug test. Depending on the case, a Judge can order that you be arrested and held without bond. I will file a motion for bond reduction if needed in addition to defending you at the Violation of Probation Hearing.


Carrying a concealed firearm without a permit is a felony in the State of Florida. Also, if you possess a firearm or use a firearm during a crime you maybe subjected to 10-20-life. However, simple possession of a firearm and transporting the firearm is lawful in certain circumstances.


I handle retail, petit, shoplifting and grand theft cases. Also, I represent persons charged with embezzling, fraudulent use of a credit card, identity theft, computer fraud, robbery, burglary, and dealing in stolen property. The maximum punishment increases depending on the amount or value of what has been unlawfully taken in grand theft cases. Tthe victim can demand treble damages or three times the value of property.